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Fall Registration Closed

Fall Registration Closed... Sort of!

Registration has closed for many divisions, although some divisions still need players and have been left open. When you sign-up / login to register your player, it will either say "Sign Up For Waitlist" or it will allow you to select the division and pay for registration. If it allows you to select the Division, it means you've got one of the last few spots... congrats! Complete your application asap before someone else takes it.

Wait List

When you sign-up / login and you see Sign Up for Wait List next to your division, it means spots are full. However, we frequently have players drop and cancel (even up until September), and sometimes we have enough players on the waitlist to add an additional team of players, so get your name on the wait list as soon as you can! We will send you an email when you've been added to a team, and at that time full payment will be due.

Skipping the Wait List

Wait List spots are normally first come first served... unless you or someone you know are willing to become a volunteer head coach! Parents who volunteer to be head coach for a team move to the front of the line, if we have coaching spots available for your division. To find out email the AYSO Region 114 Commissioner and Regional Coach Administrator, and let us know you're interested in coaching and the year of birth of your player(s). We'll let you know as soon as we can about your status as coach and your player's status. Visit our Region 114 Coach Page to see how easy it is to become a coach.

If you're interested in coaching your player's team in order to skip the waitlist, please email our Coach Administrator Team, [email protected].

Removing yourself from the waitlist / registration

If you registered or are waitlisted but decide to play elsewhere, please let us know so that we may take you off a team or a waitlist and open up that spot for another player.

For more answers to your registration questions, visit our Registration Page.

Questions? Contact our Registrar at: [email protected].

Region 114 Core Soccer (Recreational)

About AYSO Core Soccer

AYSO is best known for its Core Program. It's the most popular, recreation soccer program in the country.

Region 114's Core Program adheres to AYSO’s six core philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays
  • Balanced Teams
  • Open Registration
  • Positive Coaching
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Player Development

Core Divisions

Core soccer is for children ages 4 to 18. Children are placed in Divisions based on their year of birth. A child born January 1, 2016 plays in the same division as a child born December 31, 2016. Players may not play "down" into a younger division. See the Region 114 Age Matrix to determine in which division your child will play.

Also see the Region 114 Division Formats below.

Core Teams

The U5 - U10 teams are randomly assigned teams based on coach ratings. Every year teams are re-balanced and players receive new teammates and coaches. This ensures talent is evenly distributed and makes the games more fair and fun for everyone.

Core Sign-Up

Region 114 Core uses "Open Registration." This means any player who wants to play, regardless of skill level, is allowed to register during the registration season.

Visit our Registration page for more information.

After Sign-Up

After you register your player, there is a lot of waiting until teams are built and coaches receive their rosters in late July. We ask coaches to reach out to players by the first week of August. Many coaches will hold a brief team meeting to welcome and introduce players and families, but the schedule is completely up to the Head Coach.

If your player is in our U5 Division, this season is their first taste of "big kid" soccer with weekly practices and Saturday games. Be sure to attend the U5 Jamboree, which is a hybrid practice-session and party that serves as a welcome and introduction to our youngest players.

Practice Schedule

Practices for Core teams begin in August whenever the Coach decides. They last usually up until Thanksgiving. There are usually one to two practices per week depending on the age level-- but the practice schedule is entirely up to whichever Head Coach volunteers to coach your child's team. A big reason to volunteer as a Coach is you get to set your own practice schedule on any days or times you want. Teams practice at Heartwell West (between Woodruff and Palo Verde).

Game Schedule

The regular season starts after Labor Day and consists of 9 or 10 games (depending on age division). Teams play one game each week. Most games are Saturdays, with the occasional Friday night games in U7, U8, and U12+ age groups. 10 weeks of games usually goes up until almost Thanksgiving, plus any make-up games due to weather, etc.

After the regular season, teams that have accrued the requisite Volunteer Points are invited to play in the end-of-season Tournaments and Playoffs.

Core Location

Core teams at U5 - U14 play all games in Region 114's Fields, against other Region 114 teams in their division. There is no travel.

Core teams at U16-U19 play 50% of their games against other regions in our Area, with minimum travel.

All Core teams must practice at Heartwell West (between Woodruff and Palo Verde).

Core Volunteer Points

All Core teams must complete their Volunteer Points in order to participate in season-end-tournaments and playoffs.

U5 Jamboree

The U5 Division kicks off with our U5 Jamboree. This is a party atmosphere (free pizza and snacks!), and fun drills and scrimmages ran by licensed coaches from the premier soccer training organization in Southern California, First Touch Soccer. Since U5 is the first year for "traditional" soccer for many of our players -- with coaches, practices, and teams -- the Jamboree's purpose is to introduce them in a fun atmosphere that makes them want to play. For more information visit our U5 Jamboree Events page.

Is Core different from EXTRA™?

Yes! Core is our main program for recreation-level soccer. It is where the vast majority of our players play. Core is open to all players -- as long as we have enough volunteer coaches then any player who registers get to play on a team.

AYSO EXTRA™ is a different program from Core. EXTRA is for players seeking a more advanced and more competitive level of play. EXTRA players must be evaluated at try-outs. EXTRA teams are formed through invitation only. For more information see our Region 114 EXTRA™ page.

Playoffs / Season-End Tournaments

All Core teams have the opportunity to participate in a Season-End Tournament / Playoffs only IF their team has enough volunteer points.

Commissioner's Cup (U5 - U8)

At the U5 - U8 level, the season-ending Tournament is called the Commissioner's Cup, and we treat it as a large party with music, pizza, photos, and more. Some teams use this opportunity to host their team party as a big picnic/potluck between tournament games, and to hand out trophies and yearbooks. The kids love the feeling of playing in a "real tournament" and we encourage teams to plan their volunteer points early so they don't miss out.

Commissioner's Cup - Region Playoffs (U10 - U14)

At the U10 - U14 level, the season-ending playoffs (also called The Commissioner's Cup) determine which team will represent Region 114 in the Area Z tournament (in January) against other regions in our Area. If you win the Area Z tournament, you advance to the Section 11 Tournament in February, to play against other Area winners in Section 11. If you win Section 11, you advance to the Western States Championships in March.

Note: this opportunity is only afforded to teams that have sufficient volunteer referees (you need to supply a referee crew at each tournament), and have not had disciplinary issues and will be a good representative of Region 114 by promoting the AYSO philosophies. Reminder you are only allowed to play in the Commissioner's Cup if your team has achieved the requisite number of volunteer points.


Region 114 Division Formats

IMPORTANT! In all divisions, players must have shin guards under socks, appropriate footwear (soccer cleats recommendd), and water/beverage. Balls are encouraged. Don't forget the sunscreen.


These age divisions introduce weekly practices in addition to Saturday games. Games are played on a small field with small nets and no goalkeepers. Play is still purely for fun; we don’t keep score and we don’t have standings. Practices are scheduled by the volunteer coaches for a time and location that works with their availability.

  • Game duration: 20 minutes (5 minute "quarters")
  • Ball size: 3
  • Game format: 5v5
  • No goalkeepers or standing in front of goals.
  • If ball goes slightly out of play, let the play continue
  • No scores are kept; no wins-losses are tracked


In these divisions, we introduce goalkeeping. We don’t keep score and we don’t have standings. Practices are scheduled by the volunteer coaches for a time and location that works with their availability.

  • Game duration: 40 minutes (10 minute "quarters")
  • Ball size: 3
  • Game format: 7v7 (minimum 5 players per side) Some 7U teams may agree to play 8v8.
  • No scores are kept; no wins-losses are tracked
  • Corner kicks, goal kicks, and throw-ins. (No kick-ins/pass-ins)


This is the first division in which we maintain scores and keep standings, but the focus is still on development -- referees are lenient of minor transgressions. Practices are scheduled by the volunteer coaches for a time and location that works with their availability.

  • Game duration: 50 minutes (12.5 minute "quarters")
  • Ball size: 4
  • Game format: 7v7 (minimum 5 players per side)
  • 10U is First Core division that uses the Build-Out-Line


Halves are 30 minutes, teams play 9v9 with positions that approximate to full soccer. Even though play can be more intense, we still expect coaches and parents to keep the focus on safe, fair, and fun. No amount of yelling at the referees is tolerated (at any level!). Practices are scheduled by the volunteer coaches for a time and location that works with their availability.

  • Game duration: 60 minutes (15 minute "quarters")
  • Ball size: 4
  • Game format: 9v9 (minimum 6 players per side)


Practices are scheduled by the volunteer coaches for a time and location that works with their availability.

  • Game duration: 70 minutes (17.5 minute "quarters")
  • Ball size: 5
  • Game format: 11v11 (minimum 7 players per side)


Game duration is 80 minutes (16U) / 90 minutes (19U), teams play full sided 11v11. (minimum 7 players per side) Practices are scheduled by the volunteer coaches for a time and location that works with their availability. Teams participate in inter-region play.

We Need You To Volunteer

Why does AYSO cost less than other soccer programs?

We don't pay. Seriously. Board members are not paid. Referees are not paid. Coaches are not paid. Everyone you see lining fields, setting up goals, and working tirelessly to provide a world-class soccer experience for your child is a volunteer.

We are powered by parents/guardians. Not money. When your player participates in AYSO, so do you! Players play. Parents and guardians support the region by volunteering. Every family is expected to volunteer in one way or another, most commonly as a Referee. This is how AYSO Region 114 is able to keep our fees so low.

Parent/Guardian Engagement is Expected of Every Family

Without volunteers there is no region and there are no games. Even parents with little or no soccer experience can learn to be a great coach or referee for the kids. All it takes is enthusiasm, commitment, and a foundation in AYSO philosophies.

Beyond coaching and refereeing, there are many other ways to help. We also need volunteers to help run registration events, schedule fields, plan photo days, administer our website, and more. You can take on a small task of working in a booth for an hour, or join our board meetingsEvery volunteer helps.

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