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Long Beach United

What is Long Beach United?

Long Beach United is the EXTRA program of AYSO Region 114. AYSO EXTRA is AYSO's more competitive level of play, which requires try-outs. Long Beach United teams play soccer year-round. Teams comprise the most skilled and dedicated players in our region, seeking a more competitive environment, and for families who volunteer and can represent Region 114 positively when traveling to other regions. Long Beach United teams typically play at a level equivalent to Flight 2 or 1.

In the Fall, Long Beach United teams play against EXTRA teams from other AYSO Sections, in the SCEDSL gaming circuit. After the Fall season, Long Beach United teams typically play in multiple tournaments or club leagues.

Looking for recreation soccer instead? Then check out the Region 114 Core Soccer program.

Region 114 EXTRA™ Try-Outs

Long Beach United

Long Beach United Try-Outs for 2023

The region is hosting its next round of try-outs for players who are interested in playing in Region 114's AYSO EXTRA™ program, Long Beach United. These teams represent the top talent in our region; players who are looking for a more competitive / advanced level of play. Long Beach United teams play year-round, and work with licensed coaches. The costs and commitment required are greater than those of our Core teams that play in the Fall, but much less than most "club" teams.

All prospective players must sign-up below before attending try-outs. Athletic shoes (cleats recommended), socks over shin guards, water, and ball are required.

All players, even those on existing Long Beach United teams, must try-out at least once per season. Players are not required to try-out more than once, but are welcome to do so for additional opportunities to be evaluated. (Some coaches may even request your player to try-out again.)

A note to existing Long Beach United players: placement on an EXTRA™ team does not guarantee placement in the ensuing season. Each season coaches have the discretion to keep or remove players as they see fit. (Often this decision is based on attendance, attitude, and family volunteerism.)

Try-Out #1 for 2024 Season

  • Wednesday, Dec 13th, Girls 2009 - 2016
  • Thursday, Dec 14th, Boys 2009 - 2016

Location: Heartwell Park Field 7

Birthyears 2014 - 2016 @ 4:30pm - 5:45pm (Sign-in by 4:15pm)

Birthyears 2009 - 2013 @ 6:15pm - 7:30pm (Sign-in by 6pm)

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your designated time for parking and check-in at the information booth. Parents are not allowed on the try-out field.

Sign-up closes Monday prior to try-outs.

Click here
to sign-up for Try-Outs

When will I hear from a coach?

Coaches who are filling holes in their rosters for Spring will likely reach out early. Coaches who are creating teams for Fall have until April to finalize their roster, so you may not hear from a coach until then. The region usually holds three rounds of try-outs between December and March/April. Team decisions and notifications are left up to each coach. Region 114 requests coaches to notify all participants who tried-out, whether selected or not. You may not hear from a coach until mid-May. If you have not heard by May 21st, please notify EXTRA Coordinator, Jamie Lawendowski at [email protected].

Will there be additional try-outs?

The region typically holds two or three try-outs per season. The second one is typically late January to early February. And a third in March or April. The best way to learn about new try-outs is to register an account with a valid email address so you will receive email notifications if/when we do schedule future try-outs. Also check back at this website frequently!

Questions? Email Long Beach United EXTRA™ Coordinator Jamie Lawendowski.


Year-round soccer. Lower fees. More playing time.

Long Beach United

Why Choose to Play at Long Beach United?

Long Beach United costs less and guarantees more playing time than any youth club soccer organization. Long Beach United teams play equivalent to a Flight 1 or Flight 2 level. Long Beach United teams train with licensed, professional coaches. Because we are a part of AYSO, our focus is on player development, good sportsmanship, and positive coaching.

In the Fall, Long Beach United represents Region 114 in the AYSO EXTRA™ game-circuit, against other teams in AYSO Section 11. This means no travel greater than 30 - 45 minutes for away games. Home games are played on Region 114 fields.

In the Winter through Summer seasons, Long Beach United teams have the opportunity to play in any club league or tournament they want -- this can be against other AYSO teams, or against club teams.

What is AYSO EXTRA™?

AYSO EXTRA™ is a competitive, game-circuit program that offers players a higher-level opportunity to refine their skills in a more competitive, tryout based environment, without the typical costs associated with higher-competition programs. It's a step above All-Stars. Though players are more advanced, the EXTRA™ program follows the same core values as AYSO’s other programs and embraces AYSO’s Six Philosophies, particularly EVERYONE PLAYS where all players are guaranteed to play 75% before anybody plays 100%. Playing time = development.

"The best teacher of the game of soccer is the game itself; guaranteed playing time is what makes AYSO EXTRA™ such a great program for young soccer players."
— Tim Ward – Head Coach, Pepperdine University Women’s Soccer Team

I thought AYSO was just recreation soccer?

The most well-known product AYSO offers is Core soccer (recreation/grassroots), but AYSO offers many soccer programs that cover all levels and skills, from recreation all the way up to the most elite youth soccer level, ECNL. AYSO EXTRA™ teams are the equivalent of Flight 1 or 2 club teams.

How does Long Beach United compare to club soccer?

Long Beach United is essentially the club soccer program for Region 114. Long Beach United teams have the freedom to play against club teams in the Spring, or participate in any club tournament throughout the season. in the Fall season, Long Beach United teams participate in the AYSO EXTRA™ gaming circuit.

Both AYSO EXTRA™ and Club are competitive soccer programs targeting players that have a stronger desire and ability to play soccer. However, EXTRA™ focuses on the development of players in a competitive (but not a cut-throat) environment. Because this is still AYSO, players are guaranteed to play at least 50% of the game. Unlike club teams, whose coaches earn more money every time they pack another player on their team, Long Beach United teams have a cap so that no player plays less than half a game (or usually 3/4 of a game for most players). Why spend $2,000 or more each year having your player play eight minutes each game?

In addition, all Long Beach United teams practice with a professional, licensed coach through our partnership with First Touch Soccer.

Our coaches are not paid. Our administrators are not paid. There is no incentive to grow more, watered-down teams, or pack as many kids as possible on a team. Fewer teams and fewer players that means better quality and more playing time -- and more development -- for all.

Believe it or not, it is harder to get on a Long Beach United team than a club team. Clubs will form as many teams as their space will allow-- this is how they make money. In Long Beach United program, we have one or at most two teams at that age division. This allows for our teams to play at a higher level, Flight 1 typically, but also means there are fewer roster spots. It is common for a player to not make it on a Long Beach United team, but then find a home on a lower flight club team.

Thanks to more playing time on the pitch and licensed coaching with our partners from First Touch Soccer, Long Beach United players in Region 114 receive as much -- or more -- development than many club soccer teams, without the substantial increase in cost, time commitment, and travel that is typically required of club soccer. The proof is in the success of our Long Beach United teams against other Regions, and against club teams in tournaments.

How much does Long Beach United cost?

One of the most significant differences between Long Beach United and Club is the cost. A full year of Long Beach United practices, tournaments, gear, and games usually is under $800. Club teams, even those in lower flights, typically run from $2,000 - $2,500 per year.

  • Region 114 Long Beach United players register and pay for the normal Fall Core season. This includes the AYSO Region 114 Core program fees plus an additional fee (approximately $270) to cover the cost of an upgraded uniform, professional training, dedicated field space, and the EXTRA™ Program participation fee.
  • Teams sometimes choose to buy balls, bags, warm-up suits or other items, these costs are covered by players.
  • There may also be fees for any optional tournaments in which the team participates.

How are Long Beach United costs so low?

We run on parent power -- not money! All Long Beach United teams are expected to volunteer during the season -- most often as referees or working the Info tents, lining fields, etc. When your child participates in Region 114, so do you. Your volunteer spirit keeps our costs low. Often the roster decision between two like players comes down to whose parent/guardian is willing to volunteer referee! Let the prospective coach know your interest in becoming a referee, and then visit our Referee Sign-Up page to get started.

What is the Long Beach United Season Schedule?

  • Fall Season begins in July / August and continues through January.
  • Spring Season begins in February / March and continues through May / June.
  • Travel is required (approximately 50% of games). Most away games are within 45 minutes of our home fields.

When are Long Beach United Try-outs?

  • Tryout dates are posted on this page and on the region calendar (Typically several try-outs are held December through March/April.)
  • New and returning players must try out each year to be eligible for selection.
  • We encourage players to try out multiple times, as many times as they wish, but at a minimum one is required.
  • All players interested in trying out must RSVP when try-out sign-ups are open.
  • All players who try-out will receive email confirmation (usually by the end of April) indicating if they were selected or not, using the email address provided when signing up for try-outs. For Fall seasons, teams are selected by the end of April.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to play in Region 114 in the fall, regardless of whether chosen for Long Beach United, you must still register when Fall Core registration opens (March-June), and pay the AYSO 114 Registration Fee. If your player is invited to play on a Long Beach United team, there will be additional fees but those will be discussed if/when you are presented with the offer to join the team.

Soccer Priority and Other Teams / Sports

AYSO requires EXTRA™ players to make soccer their PRIORITY SPORT in the Fall. (This does not mean exclusive, but it does mean soccer comes first before any other sports/activities.) If you play other sports in the Spring, have a conversation with your coach, as Spring teams can be a little more flexible with other sports.

Registering for Long Beach United

You cannot register yourself for Long Beach United. During Fall Open Registration you should register for the regular Fall Core program, even if you plan to play -- or think you may be invited -- on a Long Beach United team. Once you are officially invited and accept to play in Long Beach United, we will manually add your player to the Coach's team, and you will receive additional instructions to pay the additional Long Beach United program fees. (Typically the Core fee of $200-ish, plus additional $200 for upgraded uniforms, SCEDSL gaming circuit, and professional training and dedicated training space.)

Upon successfully being added to a Long Beach United team, ALL participants (even if returning) must verify their date of birth by emailing la photo/scan of their birth certificate or passport to Region 114 Registrar, [email protected].

Coaching Long Beach United

Each year we open the application process for coaches who would like to become Long Beach United coaches. However, unlike Core where -- honestly we take most any warm body we can find -- Long Beach United coaches must pass a much higher bar before they are accepted.

Long Beach United coaches are held to a higher standard. These volunteers should represent the best coaches in our Region -- not the best in terms of winning -- but in terms of exhibiting AYSO Philosophies and demonstrating a proven ability to keep their touchlines under control.

Long Beach United coaches are coaches who respond promptly to emails, help other coaches at try-outs, get their safety courses and certifications done promptly, and show up to Board Meetings when possible. Coaches are also expected to recruit the maximum number of referees from their teams.

Being a Long Beach United coach means you get to hand-pick your team through try-outs. But with that privilege comes a greater responsibility -- Long Beach United coaches are expected to volunteer more.

Why request applications so early?

New Long Beach United teams begin each Fall. But if a new team is going to play in the Fall, we like them to begin as a Spring Select team in the Spring so they can use the Spring season as a warm-up for the Fall season.

Ready to volunteer?

If you are an exceptional volunteer and are interested in becoming a Long Beach United Coach in 2024, please submit THIS FORM.


For more information, contact Long Beach United Program Coordinator Jamie Lawendowski.

Long Beach United Team Gear

Long Beach United Gear for players and parents

Visit our partner, JMC Team Tear, for Long Beach United training gear, including t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, jackets, and more!

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