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Stuff for Current Coaches

Super important stuff for Fall 2023 Coaches

MUST READ! 2023 Coach Checklist (PDF).

⚽ Nearly as important, 2023 Division Guides.

⚽ Need help completing volunteer requirements? Region 114 Volunteer Sign-Up PDF.

⚽ Coaching Questions? Reach out to your 2023 Division Coordinators.

Coach Forms

Help with volunteer profile issues

Having issues getting fingerprinted or completing something in your volunteer profile? Visit our HELP FOR VOLUNTEERS page.

Volunteer & Player Locks - Due by June 17th

For Head Coaches only. Use this Volunteer/Player Lock form to request ONE volunteer and the player associated with that volunteer.

Head Coach Equipment Selection - Due by June 17th

For Head Coaches only. Use this Equipment Selection form to select equipment. Thank you for volunteering!

Annual Coach Meeting

All coaches must attend the annual coach meeting. No, this is not the same thing as attending a Coach Training Event. This Region 114 internal meeting is required in order to obtain your roster. Attend the division you are coaching. All times are 5:30pm at Heartwell Park AYSO 114 Container. Bring a chair.

  • U5-U8 Coaches, July 17th
  • U10 Coaches, July 19th
  • U12 - U19 Coaches, July 20th

If you are coaching multiple teams, you only need to attend once; the older age session is probably better. Inform your Division Coordinator. If you cannot attend your own age group, inform your Division Coordinator that you will attend a different night. If you are completely out of town on all nights, then work with your Division Coordinator to get the information you missed, and to get your roster when you return.

Head Coaches must have all background/fingerprint and online safety courses completed in order to receive Roster and Coach Equipment.

Deadline to Contact Players, August 1st

U5 Jamboree, August 13th

Visit the U5 Jamboree page for more info.

Game schedule

Will be posted to when ready. Usually around Labor Day weekend.

Reminder: The first teams of the day are responsible for setting up goals. (Goals are delivered to each field in the morning.) The last teams of the day are responsible for returning goals to the correct Goal Storage Locations.

Volunteer Points required for each team

All families are asked to volunteer, as referees, field liners, Saturday Info Booth staffers, and more. Volunteer points are required to play in the Commissioner's Cup playoffs. Visit the Region 114 Team Volunteer Points page for more info.

Opening Day Carnival and Photo Day, Sept 9th

This is also the first week of games for U16, U19, and Long Beach United EXTRA. Visit the Opening Day Carnival page for more info.

First week of games for U5 - U14, Sept 16th

Player Ratings, Due October 15th

Ratings are used to balance teams each season, and also for All-Stars and Spring Select Coaches to identify worthy candidates.

All Head Coaches of U5 - U16 teams (both Core and Long Beach United) must submit evaluation forms. Email completed forms to [email protected]. Rename the file with your Team ID before sending.

You can find your player names and dates of birth in your team roster in the Team Directory.

Ratings are required for participation in the Light Lottery, Commissioner's Cup, and to receive your team Trophies.

All-Stars, Spring Select, Long Beach United EXTRA Coach Applications, Due October 8th

Want to Coach soccer year-round? Visit our Post-Season Coach page for more info.

Silent Weekend, October 27 & 28

Visit Region 114 Silent Weekend page for more info.

Light Lottery Zoom, October 29th.

The Light Lottery schedule governs field space allocation for practices, after Daylight Savings ends. Visit the Light Lottery page for more info.

U5-U8 Commissioner's Cup, Nov 18th

Visit the Commissioner's Cup page for more info.

Team Trophy and Yearbook Pickup, Nov 18th

U10-U14 Commissioner's Cup, Dec 1st - 3rd

Visit the Commissioner's Cup page for more info.

Region 114 Coach Contacts

Region 114 Coach Contacts

Regional Coach Administrator
Jeff Schell
[email protected]

Lead Coach Instructor 
[email protected]

Division Coordinators:

U5 (birthyear 2019): Wendy Ramirez

U6 (birthyear 2018): Carlos Maruri

U7 (birthyear 2017): Khalia Gibson Davis

U8 (birthyear 2016): Melanie Clement

U10 BOYS (birthyears 2014-2015): Mike Bledsoe

U10 GIRLS (birthyears 2014-2015): Shom Dasgupta-Tsinikas

U12 BOYS (birthyears 2012-2013): Jerry Montes

U12 GIRLS (birthyears 2012-2013): Marcus McNabb

U14-U19 (birthyears 2005-2011): Jeff Schell

Training Sessions

Free Training Sessions with First Touch Soccer

This Fall season, coaches of Region 114 have access to free training sessions taught by certified Coach Instructors from First Touch Coaching.

How does it work?

Coaches sign up for a 60 minute time slot based on their team's Age Division. (Different days have different time slots based on team age.) Coaches bring their team that day to the designated First Touch field. A professional trainer from First Touch runs the session plan. Coaches should participate, supporting the First Touch trainer.

Note: It is important your team arrives on time, only in the designated day and time slot you have booked. If your team arrives late, the session cannot be extended.

The slot I want isn't available. Can I show up anyway?

No! You can only sign up to your age group’s allocated day and time slot. You must book your spot before attending. If a slot is already taken, you must choose a different slot, or move practice that week to a slot that does work.

Can I choose what we work on?

First Touch Soccer professional trainers will follow a periodized season plan; we cannot take topic requests from coaches.

How many times can I sign up my team?

This training is a free resource and must be shared with all of the teams in the region. Please play fair -- sign up for just a couple or a few at first. (Treat it like Thanksgiving dinner-- make sure everyone gets some stuffing before you go back for more.) The Coach Admin team monitors the list, watching for teams that abuse this free resource. Remember, this is not intended to take place of all your practices for the season. It should be used to augment your team's training, and used occasionally.

For questions, contact Program Coordinator Sam Hunt at 626.316.9675 or email [email protected].

Practice Locations


⚽ Teams must practice near their assigned locations.

⚽ Don't mark out half the field. Share the space with everyone.

⚽ Fields 6 and 7 are reserved for U12 through U19 teams.

⚽ All practices must take place at Heartwell Park East. Do not practice Heartwell Park West, on the other side of Woodruff. Those fields belong to a different youth soccer organization. If you practice there, it puts our city permits at risk.

⚽ If you coach a team under U12 plus a team older than U12, you can set up in an area near your field, but not ON the field. Then when it is your time for the older team, you can stay where you are or move onto the field.

Field 12 is reserved for First Touch Team Training

Coach Certification Classes

Coach Certification Classes

All Head and Assistant Coaches need to be AYSO Certified at the level they coach. Visit our Become a Coach Page for more information about signing up for a Coach Certification course.

Print Team Line-Up

How to Print Team Line Up (U7 - U19)

Each U7-U19 team must present the Center referee with a Line-up card before the match. Here are step-by-step instructions to print Line Ups from your Team Page. Keep in mind:

  • Please print line-up cards on cardstock
  • Before printing, enter jersey #s so line-ups print in jersey # order from smallest to largest.
  • Step-by-step directions can be found on the Region 114 Coach Page.
  • Do not fill out the "Quarters Played" columns; this is for the Referees to complete during the match.

If you are a returning coach and still have previous line-up cards, you may use those. You must complete the line-up in jersey # order, and include all player last and first names

The Region 114 Coach Admin team has printable cardstock for coaches who need some.

Resources for Coaches

Soccer coaching resources

How to Deal with Referees

How to Deal with a Referee

From article, "How to Deal with a Poor Referee."

Giving constructive feedback to referees can be very helpful, but should not be done during a match..  You may ask if you can chat with a referee after a match, on the pitch, when they are done with their duties.  However, please try to be constructive, specific, and ultimately RESPECTFUL. If they agree to listen to your question/comment and you don't agree with the referee's response, thank them for providing their opinion and if you must, agree to disagree.  The conversation will likely prompt the referee to reflect on their decision while it is fresh in their mind and perhaps prompt them to study the topic or ask a mentor for insight so they can either confirm their decision or perhaps decide to handle a similar situation differently in the future. 
This is much more helpful to the referee than emailing the RRA.

Being a referee is extremely difficult, and the job is made more difficult because most spectators are rooting for only one side.  This inherent bias really does skew our perspective as spectators and coaches (even if referees themselves), whether we think so or not.  So give the refs the benefit of the doubt.  They are a crucial part of our youth soccer program.  Overall, they do a very good job, and they are learning and growing as officials, just as our players are growing and our coaches are growing.   

We cannot have games where coaches and/or spectators question the calls of referees requiring referees to stop matches to deal with the situation. We cannot have incidents, both before the start of a match and/or once a game has ended, when coaches and/or spectators confront referees or other volunteers over decisions made prior to, or during, the game.  AYSO has a “Zero Tolerance Policy” prohibiting such behavior.

Region 114 Coach FAQ

Region 114 Coach FAQ

How do I sign up to be an AYSO Coach

Visit our Coach Sign-Up page for detailed instructions and step-by-step assistance.

What are the requirements to be a Head Coach?

Submit a volunteer application (each year). Then complete the online background check (each year). Then get fingerprinted (one time). Then complete some safety videos (one time). Then attend a Coach Certification course. (one time) And that's basically it. Visit the Coach Sign-Up page for more info.

How do I take the online safety courses?

The Region 114 Volunteer Sign-Up PDF shows you how, step-by-step.

Do I have to attend the coach certification training every year?

No. Once you are certified at that age level, you are set for life.

How can I tell which certifications I have, or which safety courses I need to take?

Log into and click Volunteer. Your volunteer profile shows you the status of all of your certifications and safety courses. You can also see more when you visit AYSOU from your Volunteer page.

I coached in a different region before. Will my existing certifications transfer to 114?

As long as you use the same login information, yes it should. If it does not, contact [email protected] and they can help transfer your credentials.

What is the minimum age to be an AYSO Coach?

You must be 18 years old or older to be an AYSO coach. Though AYSO appreciates and encourages young people to participate in all aspects of soccer including coaching, an individual under 18 years of age may not be listed as the head coach or assistant coach on the official roster, due to liability issues. They can certainly assist in training and even make decisions regarding the team, but can’t ever be left alone with players and can’t be listed on the official roster.

When do I receive my roster?

We build teams in July. Typically we hand out rosters at the Annual Coach meeting. Upper divisions (16U/19U) can draft players if there are more than 1 team.

Can I request players on my roster?

As Head Coach, you will always coach your own player. Region 114 also allows all Head Coaches to "lock" one volunteer and the player associated with that volunteer. (The parent/guardian associated with that player must submit a volunteer application as Assistant Coach, Team Parent, or Referee.)

At U10 and above, volunteering as Head Coach and submitting your "lock" player is the only way to guarantee a teammate. At the youngest levels U6 through U8, where scores and standings are not kept, we do allow parents/guardians to submit a "Teammate Request" at the time they are registering. However, we are unable to accommodate teammate requests at U10 and above.

When do I practice?

Whenever you want. It's your team. (If another parent wants to dictate the practice schedule, they should have signed up to be a coach!) Of course, if you set practices for 3pm, don't expect everyone to make it. Find a time that works best for you, but be mindful of other families' work/school schedules.

Note: The Coach Administrator will let you know when you may begin practices (usually early August). Although at the youngest age groups, you might not need to start practices until mid-to-late August.

How do I select my practice spot or dates/times?

We don't have specific field or time slots, except at the upper age groups. So for the ages U5-U10, there are certain areas of the park where you should practice. This is described in the Region 114 Current Coach Info page.

Where do I practice?

All practices must be at Heartwell Park between Woodruff and Palo Verde. The other side of Heartwell Park is reserved for other soccer organizations and off limits to Region 114.


Field 7 is reserved for U12 teams. Field 6 is reserved for U14 - U19 teams. Fields 9 and 10 are reserved for U10 teams. Share the space nicely. Take up just what you need.

How often do I practice?

U5 and U6 practice once per week for about 45 minutes. (5 minute warmup game, 30 minutes of skills work, and 10 minutes scrimmage.)

U7 and U8 practice once per week for about an hour. (15 minute warmup game, 30 minutes of skills work, 15 minutes scrimmage.)

U10 and up practice twice per week. The length of time depends on the age group-- typically between one hour and 90 minutes, at the coach's discretion.

When are games?

Games in the Fall season occur once per week, September through November -- each team plays roughly 9 or 10 games (depending on Division). Most games are Saturdays, although the U7, U8, and U12 - U19 divisions might have occasional Friday evening games under the lights, which is an electric (pun!) atmosphere for the players.

If I coach multiple teams, will they play at the same time?

If you are the Head Coach of multiple teams, then we will build the schedule so that your games do not overlap.

What are the game formats?

AYSO games are broken into two halves, with brief water/substitution breaks at quarters for U5 - U14. (U16 and U19 do not have quarter breaks.) The quarter-breaks are for substitutions and a quick drink of water. The quarter breaks are not full breaks, so keep the players on the field and quickly do your subs, and get them playing. The clock continues to run during the quarter breaks. A full break occurs only at halftime for all divisions.

  • U5-U6: 5v5, no keepers, small pop-up goals. 10 minute halves, 5 minute quarters. (Note: Scores and Win-Loss records are not kept)
  • U7-U8: 7v7 (6 field + 1 keeper) 20 minute halves, 10 minute quarters (Note: Scores and Win-Loss records are not kept)
  • U10: 7v7. 25 minute halves, 12 minute quarters
  • U12: 9v9. 30 minute halves, 15 minute quarters
  • U14: 11v11. 35 minute halves, 17 minute quarters
  • U16: 11v11. 40 minute halves, free substitutions
  • U19: 11v11. 45 minute halves, free substitutions

What size ball do we use?

  • U5-U8: Size 3
  • U10-U12: Size 4
  • U14+: Size 5

What size fields and goals do we use?

  • U5/U6: 30yd x 20yd, Pugg goals
  • U7/U8: 50yd x 30yd, 6' x 18' goals
  • U10: 80yd x 40yd, 7' x 21' goals
  • U12:100yd x 50yd, 8' x 24' goals
  • U14-U19: 110yd x 60yd, 8' x 24' goals

How does Post-Season play work?

Regardless of win-loss records, all teams that have accrued the requisite number of volunteer points are eligible to play in Region 114 post-season play. See the Volunteer Point page to learn about point requirements and accrual.

At the Core U5-U8 divisions, the Commissioner's Cup is a friendly tournament-- teams play two games, but outcomes are not tracked, and there is no "winner" of the Cup. But there is FREE PIZZA and medals to each participant! We want it to feel like a real tournament. Remember it is just for fun and play.

The Core U10 and above divisions participate in the Commissioner's Cup. which typically has teams playing two games on Day 1 and advancing to play one or two more games on Day 2. The winner from each division advances on to Area Z Tournament to compete against other Area Z region winners. The winner of Area goes on to Section 11 Tournament. The winner of Section advances to Western States Championships.

What is Core? EXTRA™? All Stars? Spring Select?

The most common AYSO program is the Core program (Fall only). This is the program that the vast majority of our players play. It consists of nine or ten weeks of games, with practices beginning in August, and games usually concluding before Thanksgiving.

AYSO EXTRA™ is a completely separate program from AYSO Core. EXTRA™ is also separate from All-Stars and Spring Select. Region 114 EXTRA™ teams, called "Long Beach United" form for both Fall and Spring EXTRA™ seasons. (Don't confuse the "United" team name with AYSO's United program which is the Official Club Program of AYSO soccer. Region 114 does not have a United Program.)

EXTRA™ is AYSO's program offering a higher level of play and requires try-outs. To qualify for Fall and Spring EXTRA™ programs the players must attend one of the tryouts that are usually held December - February. More info can be found on our EXTRA™ page.


All-Stars teams are fielded through invitation, from a pool of the Core U10 and above players, and play in the Area Z All-Stars Tournament in January. There may also be play in some optional tournaments immediately after the Core season, from late November up through January. Winners of the Area Z tournament advance to the Section 11 Tournament, and winners of Section 11 advance to Western States Championships.

All-Stars teams are formed by using the player ratings cards that Core coaches are asked to fill-out during the Fall season, so it is very important that all coaches complete them as requested. Note: Not every gender-division may form an All-Star team... it depends on whether a coach volunteers to form an All Star team for a given gender-division level. If you are interested in coaching an All Star Team, please reach out to the Region 114 Coach Administrator.

Spring Select teams are formed by the Spring Select coach. Usually the first opportunity to fill the team is given to Fall All-Star players, and then other slots may be filled by the coach. Often the opportunity is given to children of dedicated volunteers that want to continue playing in the Spring. (Another reason to volunteer!) Spring Select has a 10-week schedule that runs from March - May, with the Spring Select Tournament wrapping up in early June. Spring Select Teams play against other Spring Select teams within Area Z, so some travel is involved. (Downey, Lynwood, South Gate, Wilmington, Lakewood, etc.)

Region 114 attempts to have a Spring Select team for every division, and in fact sometimes we have two from the same division, but ultimately it is subject to how many Select Coach volunteer applications we receive. If you are interested in coaching a Select Team, please reach out to the Region 114 Coach Administrator.

How do you apply for post-season coaching?

Check out our Post-Season Coaching Page for more information.

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