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AYSO 114 Long Beach

Region 114 Battle at the Beach AYSO EXTRA Tournament

2022 Battle at the Beach Recap

We've posted over one thousand photos from our 2022 tournament. Click here.

Our favorite feedback

"I wanted to thank you and everyone in your region for an amazing tournament this weekend. This was one of the best tournaments we have ever played in. Check-in was very easy (not having to have the entire team there to check in was just fantastic), and all of our games started on time and ended on time. Parking was plentiful and close to the fields, the fields were easy to identify, and all the food options were great. And both of my keepers participated in Goalie Wars and absolutely loved it -- you should have seen their faces when they were telling their teammates about the experience. Please thank everyone who volunteered so much of their time to make this such a great tournament. My parents and all the girls really had a great time and we hope to be able to do it again next year."

Your 2023 Fall warm-up tournament!

Region 114 Battle at the Beach AYSO EXTRA Tournament

AYSO Region 114 Long Beach

Third Annual AYSO Battle at the Beach Tournament

Single-Year Divisions 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, & 16U

August 18 - 20, 2023

Long Beach, CA

A Tournament for EXTRA and Top-Tier AYSO teams

WELCOME! There's no better way to prepare for your upcoming Fall season than playing against other, high-caliber AYSO EXTRA™ and AYSO Tournament teams. 2023 AYSO Battle at the Beach Tournament, August 18th - 20th offers you exciting competition levels, trophies and medals for the top teams, easy-to-access fields, free parking, and much more.

Download Tournament Invite


2023 Fees

  • 2015 (U-09): $550 Team Fee + $250 Referee Fee = $800
  • 2014 (U-10): $550 Team Fee + $250 Referee Fee = $800
  • 2013 (U-11): $550 Team Fee + $250 Referee Fee = $800
  • 2012 (U-12): $550 Team Fee + $250 Referee Fee = $800
  • 2011 (U-13): $600 Team Fee + $250 Referee Fee = $850
  • 2010 (U-14): $600 Team Fee + $250 Referee Fee = $850
  • 2008-2009 (U-16): $600 Team Fee + $250 Referee Fee = $850

Reasons to join us

  • Single-year divisions 9U-14U, plus 16U -- based on the upcoming 2023/24 Fall season
  • Three games guaranteed, and medal rounds
  • Souvenir t-shirts and pins for players, coaches, and referees
  • First place trophies for winning teams
  • First and Second place medals to finalists
  • GOALKEEPER WARS mini-tournament Saturday night
  • All games on grass fields
  • Free parking
  • Food vendors
  • All games hosted at Heartwell Park in Long Beach, California.

Is this just for EXTRA™ teams?

No! If you are a similar level / year-round AYSO All-Star or Tournament team, we would love to have you.

My roster isn't finalized yet. Can I still join?

Yes! Go ahead and submit your online application and choose the option that says you will submit your roster later.

My region prefers to send a check. But it won't be ready by the registration deadline. Is that okay?

Yes! Go ahead and submit your online application and choose the option that says you will submit payment via check.

Are there Friday night games?

Maybe! It depends on how many teams register. We will use Friday night only if necessary. If we do, we will only schedule local teams on Friday night.


Email our Tournament Director, Jeff Schell, at [email protected]

Tournament Registration

Register now, submit required forms later!

Reserve your spot in line by registering your team online, and then submit your required forms by July 24th. If you choose to submit a scanned copy of your signed, paper documents, please send them to [email protected]

Available Team Spots

Girls 2015
4 spots left
Boys 2015
3 spots left
Girls 2014
5 spots left
Boys 2014
3 spots left
Girls 2013
4 spots left
Boys 2013
4 spots left
Girls 2012
6 spots left
Boys 2012
4 spots left
Girls 2011
6 spots left
Boys 2011
8 spots left
Girls 2010
5 spots left
Boys 2010
3 spots left
Girls 2008/09 (U16)
2 spots left
Boys 2008/09 (U16)
4 spots left

Once the bracket fills, it becomes a Standby bracket. Standby teams will be contacted if another team cancels. If enough standby teams register, we'll expand the bracket to allow more. So if you see a standby bracket only needs 1 or 2 teams, register asap!

Standby does NOT mean we're full

Standby means we are waiting for a few teams before we expand the bracket. (We don't want to end up with 5 or 7 teams in a bracket, because it's more fun for everyone when you have medal rounds and teams play each other equally.)

If we get enough teams on Standby, we will expand the bracket. (For example, from 6 to 8, or 8 to 12.) So don't be shy -- you should still submit your online application below, even if your division is in Standby. Standby teams do NOT need to submit payment or roster forms until we officially offer you a spot.


  1. Click HERE to Register your team
  2. Submit (before July 24th) three documents, either by scan/email, or paper/mail:
  3. Submit single team payment that covers both entry fee + ref fee payment via Venmo @BATB114, or paper check payable to AYSO 114 Battle at the Beach.

Standby teams only need to complete step 1 above (register your team online). That reserves your spot on the wait-list. Standby teams do need to submit any forms or payment until officially confirmed.

Fee Payment

You may submit one-time Team fees directly to our Venmo account @BATB114, or by mailing a team check made payable to AYSO 114 Battle at the Beach. Instructions are included in the Tournament Application. (See Tournament Documents below). Participants who wish to compete in Goalie Wars should pay separately.

Your fee must include both the team application fee and referee deposit. 🚫 Do not ask parents to send individual player payments. Your one-time payment must cover your entire team.

Which birth years do we use?

We align with the upcoming 2023/24 season. So In Fall 2023, players in U9 were born in 2015. Players in U16 were born in 2008-09. If your team has multiple years of birth, register for the oldest age group on your team.

Tournament Documents

Team Invitation

You're cordially invited to the Battle at the Beach Tournament 2023.

Documents to Register for Tournament

All teams are asked to first complete online registration. After that, you may scan and email, or print and snail-mail, the below documents. However you choose to apply, the red-asterisked documents MUST be provided in advance of the tournament:

How to Generate a Roster in AYSO E4

Instead of submitting the above Team Roster, you may submit an official roster generated through the AYSO Association Platform "E4." If you do not have access to E4, request an "Official Roster" or "Official Photo Roster" from your Region Commissioner. If they don't have access... paper form for you I guess!

Steps to print an Official Roster or Official Photo Roster in E4:

  1. In E4, from the top menu choose Teams > Team Lookup.
  2. Search for the team. Click on the team to view.
  3. At the bottom of the Roster tab, find the Print Official Roster or the Print Official Photo Roster button. (see screenshot)

Tournament Rules and Plans

Goalkeeper Wars

Goalkeeper Wars 2.0! NEW AND IMPROVED

A fast-paced mini tournament Saturday night under the lights!

In 2023, we are excited to bring you GOALKEEPER WARS 2.0 mini-tournament, Saturday starting about 6:00pm, August 19th on Tournament Field 7 (at Heartwell Park, same as the tournament).

Why are we calling it 2.0? Because we learned a ton from our first time around last year. This year is going to be so much better, and our goal is to knock your socks off. (Er... your keeper gloves off.)


We're not sure how many players will join us -- hopefully lots! Divisions will either be 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U... or if we have enough players we may break into single-year divisions. TBD!

What is Goalkeeper Wars?


Download Goalkeeper Wars Invite 

Want to see Goalkeeper Wars in action? Check out this video. (Not ours, but it gives you an idea of how the game works.)

How to Register


  • Register HERE.
  • Pay for individual players via Venmo @BATB114. When paying, include player name and Head Coach name.
  • Goalie Wars is open to any registered player of a team playing in the 2023 AYSO Region 114 Battle at the Beach tournament.
  • The fee to participate in Goalie Wars tournament is $35 for U9 - U12 players, and $45 for U13 - U16 players.
  • 90 second - 2 minute rounds (depending on how many goalkeepers participate).
  • Guaranteed 3 game minimum per goalkeeper.


Email Tournament Director, Jeff Schell, at [email protected].

Field Map

All games at Heartwell Park in Long Beach.

Fields 6 through 10

  • Between Woodruff and Palo Verde, along E Carson St
  • Tournament HQ at Field 7
  • Team check-in at Field 7
  • Ref check-in at Field 7 for matches on HW6 / HW7 / HW8
  • Food trucks and food vendors at HW7
  • Ref check-in at HW9 for matches on HW9 / HW10

Fields 1 through 5

  • Between Bellflower and Woodruff, along E Carston St
  • Ref Check in at HW4 for games on HW1 / HW2 / HW3 / HW4 / HW5

Check-in Locations

  • Team Check-in: Field 7 Tent (one representative only)
  • Ref Check-in for matches on HW9/HW10: Field 9 Tent
  • Ref Check-in for matches on HW6/HW7/HW8: Field 7 Tent
  • Ref Check-in for matches on HW1/HW2/HW3/HW4/HW5: Field 4 Tent
Tournament Flyer

Tournament Schedule

2022 Game Schedule here. Goalkeeper Wars will be Saturday evening about 6pm on Field 7.

2022 Referee Schedule here.

2023 Schedules will be posted here at least one week prior to tournament.

Tournament Contacts

Tournament Director
Jeff Schell
[email protected]
Ph: (562) 507-1341‬

Referee Director
Brian Cleven
[email protected]

Tournament Check-in

Steps to check-in your team

Who should be at team check in ?

Send ONLY ONE representative to check-in your team. Your team's representative must check-in at the Tournament HQ Tent (Near Field 7) at least 30 minutes before your first game. The first few parking spots are set aside for check-in.

What do we need at check-in?

Your representative MUST bring:

  • Player ID cards, OR a Team-Photo-Roster signed by your commissioner (sample here).
  • Guest Player form (if using guest players)
  • FOUR (4) pre-printed Lineup Cards. Each card should include jersey # and player full name.
    • All players listed on roster and guest forms MUST be included in lineup card.
    • Need a lineup card template? Here you go.

Upon check-in, we will stamp your line-up cards, and hand everything back to you. In addition, we will provide you with one wristband for each player on your roster/line-up.

Prior to each game, please provide the match official with one of your stamped line-up cards. The official will confirm each player has a wristband.

If a player loses their wristband, they must return to Tournament HQ with their player ID or photo-roster, to receive a new wristband.

Questions about check-in? [email protected]

How to Generate a Photo Roster in AYSO E4

When checking in, your representative may provide player ID cards (if your region uses those), or a team-photo-roster, signed by your commissioner. (In reality, any word document with a photo of each player, their name, and jersey #, with your commissioner's signature is acceptable.)

If you want to generate the "Official Photo Roster" through the AYSO Association Platform "E4," here are the steps:

  1. In E4, from the top menu choose Teams > Team Lookup.
  2. Search for the team. Click on the team to view.
  3. At the bottom of the Roster tab, find the Print Official Roster or the Print Official Photo Roster button. (see screenshot)

If you do not have access to E4, check with your Region Commissioner, Registrar, or CVPA.

Tournament Rules and Plans

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Region 114 Sponsors

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AYSO Region 114

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