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COVID-19 and our Fall 2021 Season

As of June 15, the City of Long Beach has aligned with Los Angeles County and State health orders for COVID-19 safety. Currently outdoor activity is permitted without masks. Non-vaccinated individuals should still practice safety measures. All activities are encouraged to be conducted outdoors when possible (such as team meetings).

While we cannot predict what future COVID-19 restrictions will be in place, we are anticipating and planning as normal a season as is allowed. This means traditional practices and scrimmages with referees just like in years' past. For more information, visit our Region 114 COVID-19 Information Page.

I Haven't Heard From My Coach!


I haven't heard from my coach! HELP!

In Region 114, if you've paid, then your player is playing-- as long as your Coach has a team. If we emailed you to indicate you DO NOT have a coach, then it means you have a coach. (No news, is good news.) Unless you're on the Wait List for a division, your player has been assigned to a team.

In 2021, all coaches are asked to reach out to their teams by August 9th. After August 9th, if you have still not heard from your coach, here are the steps:

  1. Email the Coach Administrator Team with:
    1. your players registered name
    2. date of birth
    3. and if you know it, the division for which they are enrolled

We will strive to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. (We are all volunteers, and answer these emails in between our "real" jobs.)

Please keep in mind our coaches are parents and family members just like you. So while we ask everyone to reach out by the deadline, sometimes vacations, work trips, crazy family life, etc. draws their attention away from soccer. So when you reach out to them, go easy. Our coaches are volunteering time out of their busy schedule to help your player have a great soccer experience, so please treat them with respect.

The practice schedule my coach picked conflicts with my schedule. Can I switch teams?

Regrettably, Region 114 cannot make accommodations for your player due to scheduling conflicts. We still believe your players can enjoy the soccer experience even if they are only able to participate on game days. While this is not ideal, we give our volunteer coaches complete control over their practice schedule -- this is a benefit of stepping up to coach. If you have conflicts on your calendar, perhaps next year you will consider becoming a head coach to set your own schedule.

Fall Registration is Closed

Fall Registration is closed...but there's hope!

Registration has closed for most divisions. However, in order to form even teams, we have left registration open for a few remaining spots in several divisions. When you sign-up / login to register your player, if it allows you to select the Division, it means you've got one of the last few spots... congrats! Complete your application asap before someone else takes it.

Wait List

When you sign-up / login and you see Sign Up for Wait List next to your division, it means spots are full. However, we frequently have players drop and cancel (even in September), and sometimes we have enough players on the waitlist to add an additional team of players, so get your name on the wait list as soon as you can! We will send you an email when you've been added to a team, and at that time full payment will be due.

If you decide to play elsewhere, please let us know so that we may take you off a team or a waitlist and open up that spot for another player.

NOTE: When we remove someone from the waitlist, we often give you 24 hours to respond, or we move onto the next player. Please make sure the email address you have provided is one where you frequently check your emails. Thanks.

Skipping the Wait List

Wait List spots are normally first come first served... unless you or someone you know are willing to become a volunteer head coach! Parents who volunteer to be head coach for their own kid's team move to the front of the line, if we have coaching spots available for your division. To find out email the AYSO Region 114 Commissioner and Regional Coach Administrator, and let us know you're interested in coaching and the year of birth of your player(s). We'll let you know as soon as we can about your status as coach and your player's status. Visit our Region 114 Coach Page to see how easy it is to become a coach.

If you're interested in skipping the waitlist and coaching your child's team, please email our Coach Administrator Team, [email protected].

Registration FAQ

Region 114 Fall Registration Frequently Asked Questions

In which program should I register my child -- VIP, Core, EXTRA, Playground?

Core is the most common, recreation-level soccer program AYSO offers for children ages 4 - 18. If you're not sure, it's probably Core you want.

AYSO VIP is a Fall program for children and adults ages 4 and up with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

EXTRA™ is AYSO's advanced program that offers a higher level of competition and requires try-outs. Teams are formed through invitation only.

Playground is a soccer-themed group adventure program for 3-year-olds where parents/guardians and their players explore fundamental motor skills together.

Fall Costs

This is subject to change each year (and this section of the website may not always get updated when prices change), so the below fees are listed to give you a general ballpark amount. The exact amount will be shown to you during your sign-up / registration.

Program Fees
Ages 4-18

Early Bird Discount (before March 20th): $145 + $20 City Park Usage Fee/player + $20 AYSO Annual Membership/family.

After March 20th: $165 + $20 City Park Usage Fee/player + $20 AYSO Annual Membership/family

Above fees are for first and second child. Third child (and thereafter) is $95 + city park usage fee of $20.

VIP$55 + $20 City Park Usage Fee/player + $20 AYSO Annual Membership/player
Playground$100 + $20 City Park Usage Fee/player + $20 AYSO Annual Membership/family
EXTRA™Above Core cost plus amount determined later, based on number of EXTRA™ teams and players. Typically around $270 for additional training kits, multiple uniforms, and First Touch coach training. Plus additional expenses chosen by the team (banners, canopies, tournaments, backpacks, etc.) See EXTRA™ page for more info.

What's included in my fees?

Your fee includes: AYSO membership, PLAYSOCCER magazine, uniform (jersey, shorts, socks for Core/VIP/EXTRA™), photo package, yearbook, trophy/medal and supplemental accident insurance.

How do you determine in which age group a child will play?

AYSO divisions are based on gender and birth year (January - December). See Age Matrix below.

AYSO Region 114 Age Matrix

Can my child register for / "play down" in a lower division?

We apologize, but AYSO National Guidelines DO NOT permit players to "Play Down" into a younger division. Players are assigned to divisions based on their year of birth.

As parents, we absolutely understand the challenge this presents to players born late in the year or those without much soccer exposure, especially when playing in older divisions for the first time. That's why AYSO is the best fit for your young player! AYSO is structured to be recreational and low pressure. Having your child interact with his/her peers in a fun environment will allow your child to gain self-confidence and grow their skills regardless of experience level. One of AYSO's core philosophies is Everyone Plays... regardless of skill level or month of birth.

Can my child "play up" in a higher division?

If you are willing to Coach your own player, then likely yes, but please get approval from the Region 114 Coach Administrator and region 114 Commissioner.

I've registered my player. Now what?

Now you wait. Fall Coaches are asked to reach out to their players no later than August 1st. Practices typically begin in mid-August. If you have not heard from any team by August 1st, please reach out to Region 114 Coach Administrator at [email protected].

I also want to coach.

Great. Visit our Coach Sign-up page!

When does the Fall season start?

Practices start in August. The practice schedule is up to the coach -- typically younger divisions practice once per week, and older divisions practice at least twice per week. Games begin after Labor Day. The season lasts through November, with games played weekly -- usually Saturdays but occasionally Fridays.

When are practices?

The practice schedule is entirely up to each coach. This is the best reason to volunteer as a head coach -- you guarantee a schedule that works for your family.

The practice schedule my coach picked conflicts with my schedule. Can I switch teams?

Regrettably, Region 114 cannot make accommodations for your player due to scheduling conflicts. We still believe your players can enjoy the soccer experience even if they are only able to participate on game days. While this is not ideal, we give our volunteer coaches complete control over their practice schedule -- this is a benefit of stepping up to coach. If you have conflicts on your calendar, perhaps next year you will consider becoming a head coach to set your own schedule.

What equipment does my player need?

Shin guards under socks are mandatory during practice and games. Socks must cover all parts of the shin guard. Full-coverage shoes are required, and it is advisable to use shoes designed specifically for soccer (e.g., soccer cleats). Baseball / football cleats are not permitted (those are typically ones with a single cleat at the very front of the shoe).

Balls are not required, but are recommended, especially so your player can practice on their own. (U6-U8 Size 3 ball; U10-U12 Size 4; U14+ Size 5)

Region 114 provides game-day jerseys, shorts, and socks to each player on a team, but players should have their own weather-appropriate clothes for practices. Players must wear their team-issued jersey and socks for games or the referee may not permit them to play.

Players should always have plenty of water available for both games and practices. Don't forget the sunscreen!

The following items are NOT PERMITTED: bracelets (metal or plastic), wristwatches, barrettes, necklaces, earrings, hard-hair accessories, or any other such object, including casts or splints, which could possibly cause injury to him/her or another player. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I missed the Fall season. Can I join in the Spring?

The Spring season is by invitation only, so if you were not invited, or missed the Fall season entirely, don't worry -- we offer Winter / Spring Academies and Camps -- which include Saturday scrimmages! So it's just like the Spring season.

What is the Cancellation / Refund policy?

It is our goal to balance the needs of families that request a refund with those of the Region. Late requests can result in unbalanced teams and/or additional costs associated with unused uniforms.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds will be granted for requests received before June 30th with the exception of the Membership fee ($20).
  • Partial refunds will be granted for requests received before August 1st
  • No refunds will be given for requests received after August 1st as teams have already been formed.
  • All refund requests must be emailed to the Registrar and Treasurer, and received by the above cut-off dates.

Email subject: Refund request for (Player Name and AYSO ID)

Email for refund must include:

  1. To whom refund check should be made payable
  2. Refund address if we are not able to refund credit card or if you paid by check
  3. Registration Date
  4. Method of payment when originally registered
  5. Reason for Refund
  6. Refund return address
  7. Player birthdate
  8. Player gender

Refund checks will be issued within four weeks of the email request. If you don’t receive an email confirmation within five days, please resend the email to both the Registrar and Treasurer.

AYSO Region 114 Refund policy (PDF)

Return Check Policy

All returned checks will be charged a service fee of $25.00. Families with returned checks will not be permitted to participate in the program until the service fee plus the amount of the returned check are paid in full. The fee must be paid to the Treasurer with a Money Order or Cashier's Check. Players will be placed on a wait list until the fees are paid.

What is the AYSO membership fee? Do I have to pay it?

The AYSO National Membership Fee is a yearly non-refundable fee to play in AYSO. It goes directly to AYSO National and covers soccer accident insurance, annual subscription to PLAYSOCCER magazine, newsletters and special offers & discounts.

Registration Questions?

We're here to help. You may find answers to most common registration questions below in our Registration FAQ. We also invite you to send your registration questions to AYSO Region 114 Registrar at [email protected].

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