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Volunteer Sign-Up / FAQ

When to Submit Your Volunteer Application

New and returning volunteers need to submit a Volunteer Application every season. (In both Fall and Spring seasons.) You should submit your application once Registration for that season opens. If you are wanting to volunteer in the upcoming Fall season, please wait until that registration opens, or you will have to submit an application again. 

IMPORTANT! You do not have to pay money for the background check. When presented with the option to pay yourself or let the AYSO Region pay, feel free to choose "Not at this time" to let us play.

Volunteer Sign-Up FAQ

Need help registering to volunteer? Check out our Volunteer Sign-Up / FAQ for all your answers.

Region 114 Volunteer Guides

Not sure what you need to complete online or in-person? Take a look at these documents:

  • Step-by-step Certification Guide for Region 114 Coaches (PDF)
  • Step-by-step Certification Guide for Region 114 Referees (PDF)


What is an AYSO Volunteer?

A coach, a referee, a registrar, a fundraiser, a field marker, a publicist, a treasurer - many people, all contributing their time and efforts to make AYSO a great program for our soccer-playing kids.

Why does AYSO need volunteers?

AYSO needs volunteers because AYSO runs on volunteer power. Nearly 150,000 registered volunteers run local AYSO programs all over the country. Even the National Board of Directors and National President are AYSO volunteers. If it wasn’t for the thousands of volunteers throughout the U.S. donating their time every season, AYSO wouldn’t be as successful and far-reaching as it is today.

Who can be an AYSO volunteer?

Almost anyone can volunteer. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, even friends. AYSO wants volunteers who want to help make our soccer program a fun experience for kids. Everyone plays in AYSO, and everyone has something special to contribute to the program.

How do I become an AYSO volunteer?

It's easy. When you sign-up / register your child, you have the opportunity to submit a volunteer registration for yourself. (Note that if you want to volunteer for multiple positions or on multiple teams, you must submit separate registrations per position per team.)

A great region stems from its volunteers. The more people that get involved each season, the better the experience for both children and parents.

Volunteer Links

Sign-up here for volunteer duties

When signing up, you will be asked for your team ID (such as "Girls U10 #3 - Coach Jones"). Find your Team ID in the Team Directory.

Friday Field Lining

Earn 1 point towards your team's point total when you sign-up on Friday. During the season, each TEAM may earn up to 5 points from field lining.

IMPORTANT: Volunteer must be age 13+, and able to PUSH a paint machine around several fields. Arrive 10 minutes prior to start time to check-in and ensure you receive credit. Only sign-up ONCE per Friday. Do not sign yourself up to multiple slots for the same session

IF YOU NEED TO DROP, PLEASE TRY TO DROP YOUR SPOT BY WEDNESDAY NIGHT SO SOMEONE ELSE CAN PICK UP THE POINTS. If you need to drop after Wednesday please email [email protected] so we can remove you and find a replacement. Each week will be opened for sign-ups two weeks prior on Friday evening.

Region 114 Saturday Snackbar

Earn 1 point towards your team's point total, for each 2-hour shift. During the season, each team may earn up to 2 points from staffing the Region 114 Snackbar. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Region 114 Saturday Tents

Earn 1 point towards your team's point total, for each 2-hour shift. During the season, each team may earn up to 3 points from staffing the Region 114 Tent. (Help direct people to fields, collect game-cards from referees, help with Cleat Bank, etc.) If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Region 114 Silent Saturday

Earn 1 point towards your team's point total, for each shift handing out Silent Saturday lollipops and cards at game venues. Saturday, October 2nd only. If you have any questions please email [email protected]


The quickest (and most fun!) way to earn volunteer points. Click here to learn how to become a Region 114 Referee.

How to Register as a Volunteer

Become an AYSO Volunteer In Three Easy Steps

Step One

Sign-up / register and complete a VOLUNTEER application for yourself. Submit a separate volunteer application for each volunteer position. So if you want to be a coach AND a referee -- which, of course you do -- then you would submit two separate volunteer applications.

Step Two:

Once you are a registered AYSO volunteer, you must take two online courses at

  • CDC Concussion Awareness
  • AYSO Safe Haven

Note: Before you can sign-up at, you must first register to volunteer with AYSO Region 114. Upon completing your volunteer application, you will be assigned an AYSO ID. You need this ID to log into

Step three:

Depending on the position for which you are volunteering, you may need to take an online training course at, or register at for an in-person training course.

All volunteers must be Safe Haven certified, and have completed the CDC Concussion Awareness course, no exceptions.

Returning Volunteers

Simply complete your volunteer registrations for the current season. Returning volunteers do notneed to retake the AYSOU Safe Haven course if they have completed it in a previous season. (If you have not completed it, see Safe Haven instructions below.)


Check out our Volunteer Sign-Up / FAQ for help registering as a volunteer. If you are still having a difficult time with registration, please contact the Blue Sombrero Support Center at [email protected] or 1-866-258-3303 for assistance.

Region 114 Volunteer Opportunities

WANTED: Opening Day Coordinator & Committee

We are looking for volunteers to take over the planning of our Opening Day festivities on September 7th. Coordinators will help plan and coordinate volunteers, vendors and festivities for the day. If interested, please email [email protected].

Region / Board Member Volunteer Opportunities

Just in case you haven't heard... everyone who helps the region is a volunteer. There are many ways to volunteer in AYSO Region 114.

Want to get more involved? We hope you do! Look at all these region/board positions that need to be staffed every year, just waiting for your particular set of skills, expertise, and passion for the community!

Team Volunteer Opportunities in Region 114

By far the easiest way to volunteer is to volunteer for your child's team. Here are the most common ways you can volunteer to help your specific team.







Teach players about soccer and good sportsmanship


Some, training provided


Assistant Coach

Help teach players about soccer and good sportsmanship


Some, training provided


Team Manager

Coordinate communication for team, organize team participation in activities like Opening Day and team party


Minimal, training provided



Referee games according to your skill level, uniform provided


Some, training provided

No limit to number of points you can earn refereeing

Field Lining

Help line fields on Fridays before games


Minimal, training provided

maximum 5 points
per team

Staff Referee / Coach Tent

Sit in the shade for two hours, helping at the Referee / Coach tents.



maximum 3 points
per team


* Some volunteer positions earn team points toward year-end playoffs (for U10 and up) and Commissioner's Bash (U8 and below) by staffing the Referee / Coach tents on Saturdays. Teams lacking the minimum required volunteer points are not eligible to play in year-end tournaments. 

Have Questions About Volunteering?

Talk to your coach. Talk to your region commissioner. Talk to any board member. We're all here to help each other.

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