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COVID-19 and our Fall 2021 Season

As of June 15, the City of Long Beach has aligned with Los Angeles County and State health orders for COVID-19 safety. Currently outdoor activity is permitted without masks. Non-vaccinated individuals should still practice safety measures. All activities are encouraged to be conducted outdoors when possible (such as team meetings).

While we cannot predict what future COVID-19 restrictions will be in place, we are anticipating and planning as normal a season as is allowed. This means traditional practices and scrimmages with referees just like in years' past. For more information, visit our Region 114 COVID-19 Information Page.

About Us

Welcome to Region 114 in Long Beach, California, a Platinum AYSO Region, providing a world class soccer experience for players 3 to 18 years of age using 100% volunteer power. Players and volunteers come from Long Beach, Lakewood and other neighboring communities. For other nearby AYSO programs, please visit the AYSO Region Locator.

Safe, Fair, Fun Soccer, Powered By Families Like You!

Did you know every team parent, coach, referee, and Board Member in Region 114 is an unpaid volunteer? Our program is affordable, yet high quality, thanks to parents and families like you. Every volunteer in Region 114 is committed to providing a safe, fair and fun experience for all players and family members -- whether soccer novices or experts.

Where do I start?

Below, check out the summary of Soccer Programs we offer and how to register.

After you've registered, visit the Coach Sign-Up or Referee Sign-Up page to become a volunteer.

The AYSO Philosophy

All programs in AYSO Region 114, regardless of a player's skill level, are based on AYSO’s six core philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays
  • Balanced teams
  • Open Registration
  • Positive Coaching
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Player Development

These philosophies inform everything we do in Region 114 -- from how we build teams, to the behaviors we ask of coaches, referees, and spectators.

Parent/Guardian Engagement

Why does AYSO cost less than other soccer programs?

We don't pay. Seriously. Board members are not paid. Referees are not paid. Coaches are not paid. Everyone you see lining fields, setting up goals, and working tirelessly to provide a world-class soccer experience for your child is a volunteer.

We are powered by parents/guardians. Not money. When your player participates in AYSO, so do you! Players play. Parents and guardians support the region by volunteering. Every family is expected to volunteer in one way or another, most commonly as a Referee. This is how AYSO Region 114 is able to keep our fees so low.

Parent/Guardian Engagement is Expected of Every Family

Without volunteers there is no region and there are no games. Even parents with little or no soccer experience can learn to be a great coach or referee for the kids. All it takes is enthusiasm, commitment, and a foundation in AYSO philosophies.

Beyond coaching and refereeing, there are many other ways to help. We also need volunteers to help run registration events, schedule fields, plan photo days, administer our website, and more. You can take on a small task of working in a booth for an hour, or join our board meetingsEvery volunteer helps.

AYSO Region 114 Programs

Fall vs Winter/Spring/Summer seasons

Fall Season

The Fall season is the main soccer season for AYSO Region 114. Practices begin typically in August and games complete before Thanksgiving (although some weather related game delays and Regional post-season tournaments may extend into the first week of December).

In the Fall, we offer registration for all of our programs: Core, VIP, Playground, and EXTRA™. All programs, except for EXTRA™, offer open registration -- so as long as we have enough volunteer coaches, every child that wants to play on a team gets to play on a team. (EXTRA™ is a more competitive program that is try-out based and teams are formed through invitation only.)

Fall Core teams who win the Regional tournament in Nov/Dec will then go on to play in the Area Z tournament in January, against other local Regions. Some Fall Core players will be invited to form an "All-Star team" and participate in the Area Z tournament at the end of the Fall season (typically in January/February), against All-Star teams from other local Regions.

Other Seasons

In all other seasons -- Winter, Spring, Summer -- we offer Academies and Camps through our training partners First Touch Soccer. Both Academies and Camps are ran by certified/licensed coaches. In addition, the Academy programs offer Saturday scrimmages -- which means with a weekday practice and weekend game, the soccer experience is similar to our Fall Core program. (In some ways, it is better because of the professional training and focus on scrimmage fun, rather than worrying about team standings and scores.)

AYSO Region 114 does not offer a Core "game" season outside of Fall. (Although other AYSO regions may.) Apart from Academies and Camps, the only program we run outside of Fall is for our EXTRA™ teams who may opt to participate in a Spring game circuit or tournaments throughout the year.

Our Soccer Programs

Want to play on a team? Check out the Core (recreation), VIP (special needs), or EXTRA (advanced) programs below. Want to work on development and skills? Check out the Playground (3-year-olds), and Academies & Camps (everyone!) below.

Fall Core (Recreational, U5 - U19)

Our Fall Core program is the foundation for all the fun, excitement and learning that happens on the fields. AYSO is best known for its Core Program – it’s where the large majority of kids fall in love with soccer and make memories that will last a lifetime. This is the first step in the AYSO Player Pathway.

Birth Year Divisions

Players in Core are placed on teams according to gender and year of birth. Girls who turn 4 this calendar year start in "Girls Under 5" (or U5). Boys who turn 5 play in Boys U6... and so on up through U19. The important thing to know is that we use the Calendar Year to determine division placement -- so a player born January 1st, 2016 is in the same division as a player born December 31, 2016.

Balanced Teams

Registration for Region 114 Core program follows the AYSO philosophies of Open Registration and Balanced Teams -- meaning everyone who registers gets placed on a team (as long as we have enough parents/guardians stepping up to coach), and new teams are selected each year. Every year your coach and teammates will change, to keep games fair and fun.

Fall Core Schedule

Games begin after Labor Day. Teams play one game each week, for 9 or 10 games. Most games occur Saturdays, with one or two Friday night games for players in U7, U8, and U12+.

The practice schedule for core teams is entirely up to the volunteer Coach. Most coaches begin their practices in August, and hold one or two practices per week depending on the age group. A big reason to volunteer as a Coach is you get to set practices on any day/time that works for your family!

Fall Core Playoffs / Tournaments

Teams that have acquired enough Volunteer points are invited to participate in the end-of-season Tournaments/Playoffs, which take place before Thanksgiving (lower divisions) and after Thanksgiving (upper divisions).


In the Fall, we are proud to offer a very special program for children and adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Our VIP (Very Important Player) program provides a safe, fun environment with trained coaches and volunteers who facilitate an enriching experience for players and their families.

Fall EXTRA™ (Single year divisions U9-U14, and U16)

AYSO EXTRA™ is a completely separate program from AYSO Core. EXTRA™ is also separate from All-Stars and Spring Select. Region 114 EXTRA™ teams, called "Long Beach United" form for both Fall and Spring EXTRA™ seasons. (Don't confuse the "United" team name with AYSO's United program which is the Official Club Program of AYSO soccer. Region 114 does not have a "United Club" Program.)

EXTRA™ is AYSO's program offering a higher level of play and requires try-outs. To qualify for Fall and Spring EXTRA™ programs the players must attend one of the tryouts that are usually held December - February. More info can be found on our EXTRA™ page.


Playground (kids who turn 3 this calendar year) uses group activities, soccer themes, and parent participation to develop the fundamental motor skills that prepare kids for all sports. Players participate each Saturday with their parent (or other adult) working with them on the field. This is NOT a mini World Cup experience. Don’t expect 60 minutes of soccer games. The program uses soccer as the "teaching thread" to develop fundamental motor skills such as balance, running, jumping and throwing for three year olds. This is the foundation of sports success and an active lifestyle. Let your little one learn the beautiful game the right way! Parent Participation is REQUIRED! AYSO coaches lead sessions that create a fun, parent participatory atmosphere utilizing age appropriate activities.

Visit our Playground page for more information.

Soccer Academy (Winter, Spring, Summer)

Keep your soccer development going year round with our Region 114 Soccer Academy, which is open to any player. The academy sessions are weekly with weekend "coach free scrimmages." We host multiple academies throughout the year in partnership with the premiere soccer development organization in Southern California, First Touch Soccer.

Camps (Holidays, School Breaks)

We offer full-day and half-day camps during holiday and school breaks. These camps are multiday and focused on one thing: development and fun. Okay, that was two things. Our Camps are hosted in partnership with First Touch Soccer.

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