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AYSO 114 Long Beach

For a complete list of Division rules, download the Region 114 Division Guides (PDF).

Note: These guides were written prior to COVID-19. Some information may change.

Set The Tone For Your Team

Safe, Fair, Fun!


Sometimes we all need this reminder: An AYSO coach's objective is not to win. It is to develop youth soccer players and teach the game in an environment that is safe, fair, and fun. No child likes to sit out of games. No referee likes to be yelled at. There is nothing that happens on the pitch that is worth screaming about.

Coaches: you set the tone for your sidelines; keep your pride, ego, and emotions in-check. We are here to support and encourage our kids.

Click here for the AYSO Region 114 Coach Sign-up page

We Need Coaches


We Need You To Coach Soccer

Region 114 Coach Tracker

This list is updated daily to track our Volunteer Head Coach supply for the Fall Core season.

Division # of Teams # of Teams
Needing a Head Coach
Boys 5U 12 0
Boys 6U 22 4
Boys 7U 16 3
Boys 8U 14 3
Boys 10U 20 1
Boys 12U 8 0
Boys 14U 5 0
Boys 16U 2 0
Boys 19U 1 1
Girls 5U 10 0
Girls 6U 12 1
Girls 7U 12 0
Girls 8U 12 1
Girls 10U 18 0
Girls 12U 10 0
Girls 14U 5 0
Girls 16U 1 0
Girls 19U 1 0

Special Pass to Skip the Waitlist!

If your player is on a waitlist for their division, and if we need coaches in that division, then send an email to [email protected] and let us know you'd like to coach. If everything checks out, we can get your player off the waitlist immediately and assign them to your team!

What happens if there are not enough coaches?

A Coach shortage means rosters grow in size (less playing time per player), or some players are placed on teams without Head Coaches, and then either a parent on that team steps up to be Head Coach (still having to complete the required online and in-person courses), or else registration is scaled back and kids who want to play in AYSO are turned away. Ideally, we never get to this point -- but we need your help! Sign up to be a Coach.

Coach Certification Classes

Coach Certification Classes

All Head and Assistant Coaches need to be AYSO Certified at the level they coach. Visit our Coach Class Page for more info.

Region 114 Mandatory Coach Meeting


Annual Coach Meeting & Equipment Pickup

The Annual Coach Meeting is a brief, mandatory meeting for all Head and Assistant Coaches. Note: This is not the same as an in-person Certification Course. This is the annual meeting where we review Region 114-specific information that all coaches must know, and where Head Coaches may pick up their team's equipment.

This year, we are holding two meetings, one for NEW coaches (or coaches who want a deeper understanding of how the region works), and another for RETURNING coaches. You may attend either, although it is highly recommended that new coaches attend the new coach meeting, since it will go more in depth about coach responsibilities and how the region works.

New Coach Meeting: Monday, July 19th, 6pm - 7:30pm

Returning Coach Meeting: Tuesday, July 20th, 6pm - 7pm

Last Chance Make-Up Coach Meeting: Sunday, August 8th, 5pm


At this meeting, we hope to distribute team rosters and player contact info to those Head Coaches who have passed their Background Eligibility check.


Contact AYSO Region 114 Coach Administrator at [email protected].

Region 114 Coach Updates

What's New Fall 2021

Request One Assistant Per Team

In addition to your own player, each Head Coach is allowed a maximum of ONE request for an Assistant Coach (and that assistant's player). This can be an Assistant Coach, or Referee, or Team Parent. The Coach Admin team will email this link out to Head Coaches once ready.

Throw-ins only at U7/U8

We're using only throw-ins at U7/U8. (No more kick/pass-ins.)

New Division Coordinators

Our Coach Support Crew is growing. A handful of coaches have volunteered to to join the Coach support team as Division Coordinators. If you would like to be part of our Support Crew, email the Region 114 Coach Administrator at [email protected].

Volunteer Points

Volunteer Point System

Even though the season hasn't started yet, now is a great time to learn how our Volunteer Point System works. In order to play in post season tournaments and playoffs, it's important that parents on your team step up as volunteer referees or field liners or info booth staff. To learn how to check your point total and learn of volunteer point opportunities, please visit the Volunteer Points page.

Volunteer Sign-Up / FAQ

When to Submit Your Volunteer Application

New and returning volunteers need to submit a Volunteer Application every season. (In both Fall and Spring seasons.) You should submit your application once Registration for that season opens. If you are wanting to volunteer in the upcoming Fall season, please wait until that registration opens, or you will have to submit an application again.

Volunteer Sign-Up FAQ

Need help registering to volunteer? Check out our Volunteer Sign-Up / FAQ for all your answers.

Region 114 Volunteer Guides

Not sure what you need to complete online or in-person? Take a look at these documents:

  • Step-by-step Certification Guide for Region 114 Coaches (PDF)
  • Step-by-step Certification Guide for Region 114 Referees (PDF)

Ready to Sign up and get certified?

Region 114 Coach Contacts

Region 114 Coach Contacts

Regional Coach Administrator
Thomas Tyler
[email protected]

Coach Instructor Team
[email protected]

Division Coordinators:



U10 Girls:

U10 Boys:




Region 114 Coach FAQ

Region 114 Coach F.A.Q.

How do I sign up to be an AYSO Coach

Visit our Coach Sign-Up and Classes page for detailed instructions and step-by-step assistance.

What is the minimum age to be an AYSO Coach?

You must be 18 years old or older to be an AYSO coach. Though AYSO appreciates and encourages young people to participate in all aspects of soccer including coaching, an individual under 18 years of age may not be listed as the head coach or assistant coach on the official roster, due to liability issues. They can certainly assist in training and even make decisions regarding the team, but can’t ever be left alone with players and can’t be listed on the official roster.

When do I receive my roster?

Divisions with drafts are held in July. (Check region calendar for date and time.) Other divisions have players randomly assigned to teams, in an effort to keep teams balanced and the games fun for everyone. Sometime in July you will receive your Fall roster. You should contact families no later than August 1st. Also keep in mind that there are late registrations, and some players get added to teams as late as the first week. Your roster may change even after practices have begun; this is rare, but not unexpected.

When do I practice?

Whenever you want. It's your team. (If another parent wants to dictate the practice schedule, they should have signed up to be a coach!) Of course, if you set practices for 3pm, don't expect everyone to make it. Find a time that works best for you, but be mindful of other families' work/school schedules.

Note: The Coach Administrator will let you know when you may begin practices (usually early August).

Where do I practice?

All practices must be at Heartwell Park between Woodruff and Palo Verde. The other side of Heartwell Park is reserved for other soccer organizations and off limits to Region 114.


How often do I practice?

Again, this is up to each coach. Typically the younger divisions (U8 and below) practice once per week for an hour. Older divisions often practice twice per week at the coach's discretion.

When are games?

Games in the Fall season occur once per week, September through November -- each team plays roughly 9 or 10 games (depending on Division). Most games are Saturdays, although some divisions have Friday evening games under the lights, which is a electric (pun!) atmosphere for the players.

What are the game formats?

  • U5-U6: 4v4, no keepers, small pop-up goals. 10 minute halves (Note: Scores and Win-Loss records are not kept)
  • U7-U8: 7v7 (6 field + 1 keeper) 20 minute halves (Note: Scores and Win-Loss records are not kept)
  • U10: 7v7. 25 minute halves
  • U12: 9v9. 30 minute halves
  • U14: 11v11. 35 minute halves
  • U16: 11v11. 40 minute halves
  • U19: 11v11. 45 minute halves

What size ball do we use?

  • U5-U8: Size 3
  • U10-U12: Size 4
  • U14+: Size 5

What size fields and goals do we use?

  • U5/U6: 30yd x 20yd, Pugg goals
  • U7/U8: 50yd x 30yd, 6' x 18' goals
  • U10: 80yd x 40yd, 7' x 21' goals
  • U12:100yd x 50yd, 8' x 24' goals
  • U14-U19: 110yd x 60yd, 8' x 24' goals

How does Post-Season play work?

Regardless of win-loss records, all teams that have accrued the requisite number of volunteer points are eligible to play in Region 114 post-season play. See the Volunteer Point page to learn about point requirements and accrual.

At the Core U5-U8 divisions the post-season games are called the Friendship Cup. Teams get to play two extra games, but game outcomes are not tracked, and there is no "winner" of the Cup. Remember it is just for fun and play.

The Core U10 and above divisions participate in the Commissioner's Cup. which typically has teams playing a couple games on Day 1 and advancing to play one or two more games on Day 2. The winner from each division advances on to Area Z Tournament to compete against other Area Z region winners. The winner of Area goes on to Section 11 Tournament. The winner of Section advances to Western States Championships.

What is Core? EXTRA™? All Stars? Spring Select?

The most common AYSO program is the Core program (Fall only). This is the program that the vast majority of our players play. It consists of nine or ten weeks of games, with practices beginning in August, and games usually concluding before Thanksgiving.

AYSO EXTRA™ is a completely separate program from AYSO Core. EXTRA™ is also separate from All-Stars and Spring Select. Region 114 EXTRA™ teams, called "Long Beach United" form for both Fall and Spring EXTRA™ seasons. (Don't confuse the "United" team name with AYSO's United program which is the Official Club Program of AYSO soccer. Region 114 does not have a United Program.)

EXTRA™ is AYSO's program offering a higher level of play and requires try-outs. To qualify for Fall and Spring EXTRA™ programs the players must attend one of the tryouts that are usually held December - February. More info can be found on our EXTRA™ page.


All-Stars teams are fielded through invitation, from a pool of the Core U10 and above players, and play in the Area Z All-Stars Tournament in January. There may also be play in some optional tournaments immediately after the Core season, from late November up through January. Winners of the Area Z tournament advance to the Section 11 Tournament, and winners of Section 11 advance to Western States Championships.

All-Stars teams are formed by using the player ratings cards that Core coaches are asked to fill-out during the Fall season, so it is very important that all coaches complete them as requested. Note: Not every gender-division may form an All-Star team... it depends on whether a coach volunteers to form an All Star team for a given gender-division level. If you are interested in coaching an All Star Team, please reach out to the Region 114 Coach Administrator.

Spring Select teams are formed by the Spring Select coach. Usually the first opportunity to fill the team is given to Fall All-Star players, and then other slots may be filled by the coach. Often the opportunity is given to children of dedicated volunteers that want to continue playing in the Spring. (Another reason to volunteer!) Spring Select has a 10-week schedule that runs from March - May, with the Spring Select Tournament wrapping up in early June. Spring Select Teams play against other Spring Select teams within Area Z, so some travel is involved. (Downey, Lynwood, South Gate, Wilmington, Lakewood, etc.)

Region 114 attempts to have a Spring Select team for every division, and in fact sometimes we have two from the same division, but ultimately it is subject to how many Select Coach volunteer applications we receive. If you are interested in coaching a Select Team, please reach out to the Region 114 Coach Administrator.

How do you apply for post-season coaching?

Check out our Post-Season Coaching Page for more information.

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