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Volunteer Sign-Up / FAQ

When to Submit Your Volunteer Application

New and returning volunteers need to submit a Volunteer Application every season. (In both Fall and Spring seasons.) You should submit your application once Registration for that season opens. If you are wanting to volunteer in the upcoming Fall season, please wait until that registration opens, or you will have to submit an application again. 

IMPORTANT! You do not have to pay money for the background check. When presented with the option to pay yourself or let the AYSO Region pay, feel free to choose "Not at this time" to let us play.

Volunteer Sign-Up FAQ

Need help registering to volunteer? Check out our Volunteer Sign-Up / FAQ for all your answers.

Region 114 Volunteer Guides

Not sure what you need to complete online or in-person? Take a look at these documents:

  • Step-by-step Certification Guide for Region 114 Coaches (PDF)
  • Step-by-step Certification Guide for Region 114 Referees (PDF)

Become A Volunteer Referee

How to Become a Volunteer Referee

Become an AYSO Referee with these simple steps:

  1. Complete a Volunteer Referee Application* on this website, (It doesn't matter which division you select; you only need to submit one Referee application even if you plan to referee in multiple age-divisions.)
  2. Pass the online Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness Courses at
  3. NEW: Complete the Sudden Cardiac Arrest course
  4. Register for, and attend, an in-person Regional Referee Course at

The above modules should be completed prior to class but must be completed before you can be activated to referee games.

*Note: After you complete your volunteer application, you are given an AYSO ID. Keep note of this ID, because you use this ID number to register at Using the same ID is vital, so that can link your completed training to your referee application at

How to Find Referee Training Courses

We make an effort to update the list of Region 114 Referee Courses as they become scheduled. However, there may additional courses not listed below. Additionally, if our schedule doesn't work for you, feel free to take a class offered by ANY AYSO Region. To find all available referee courses at

  1. Log into and click on My Courses
  2. Open Instructor Led Courses
  3. Open Referee Instructor Led Courses to find in-person training sessions.
  4. Find the class you are interested in. Most likely, that will be:
    • U8 Official (not coach), 3 to 4 hours in person, certifies you for U7, U8
    • Regional Referee Course, about 8 hours, sometimes split over 2 nights, good for U7, U8, U10
    • Regional Ref Online Companion Course,about 4 hours online and 4 hours in person, good for U7, U8, U10
  5. Click Sessionsto get a list of dates and times that course is being offered.

Questions About Referee Volunteers or Training Courses?

For questions about training courses, please contact Regional Referee Instructor Jason Rollo at [email protected].

For general questions about volunteer referres, contact our Regional Referee Administrator, Brian Cleven at [email protected].

Upcoming Referee Courses

Referee Training Courses 

Below is a list of Region 114's current Referee Training Courses. You may sign up for one of our courses, or select a course at a nearby region that is convenient for you. No matter where you choose to take your course, you must register for the course at

Note: Region 114 Regional Referee Courses are free for Region 114 referees; while you may attend a course offered by other regions, they may require a fee. If you pay a fee to another region, get a receipt and submit a Reimbursement Form.

Before attending any referee course, you MUST register for the course at

In-Person Regional Referee Courses

New referees must take the Regional Referee Course. Additionally, you MUST complete your Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest online modules BEFORE attending the in-person Regional Referee course.

  • Saturday, August 14th, 2021
    Location and Time listed on

This is a fully in-person course. Lunch and water will be provided. Free to volunteers from Region 114. For participants registered outside of Region 114 - Long Beach, there will be a $35 fee to cover course materials. Please bring check/cash to class made payable to "AYSO Region 114".

To register for this course, log into and navigate to In-Person Courses > Referee Instructor Led Courses > Regional Referee Course, and search for 114. You must register for this course at on you cannot attend this course.

Hybrid Regional Referee Courses

New referees must take the Regional Referee Course. Additionally, you MUST complete your Online Regional Referee Course, Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest online modules BEFORE attending the in-person portion of this training..

  • Friday, September 10th, 6pm - 10pm.
    Locaiton listed on

This is a HYBRID Companion Course That means you must complete the Online Regional Referee course at prior to attending (2 - 3 hours), and then you have 4 hours completing the in-field part.

To register for this course, you must first complete a Volunteer Regional Referee application through your AYSO region (such as This is required in order to be able to access the registration system for volunteer courses. Once you've completed the application, log into and navigate to In-Person Courses > Referee Instructor Led Courses > Regional Referee Online Companion Course, and search for 114. You must register for this course at on you cannot attend this course.

This class is for refereeing in 8U & 10U divisions, and by the end of the season some of you may be able to assist on 12u games. Minimum age is 10 years, but 12 is recommended. The in-person companion course will have a classroom review, referee mechanics training, and review recent changes to the Law of the Game. Bring pen and paper for notes. For candidates outside Region 114, a registration fee of $35 is required by cash or region check at the start of class.

Prior to the course, log into and go to the ONLINE COURSES tab to take these 4 courses:

  1. Online Regional Referee Course
  2. AYSO Safe Haven
  3. CDC Concussion Awareness
  4. Sudden Cardiac Arrest

All 4 are REQUIRED before attendance and refereeing. You must bring your completed Online Regional Referee Certificate with you, or you will be turned away from the companion class.

Intermediate Referee Courses

Dates: This is a two day course. DATES TBD

Location: TBD.

What is provided: Referee training material, refreshments, light lunch on Saturday, and water.

What you need to bring: Pencil or pen and paper for notes and the exam, (bottled beverage and snack if desired). For candidates outside Region 114, a pre-paid registration fee of $90 is required by cash, personal check, or region check, 3 days prior to the first night of class.

Pre-registration FOR BOTH SESSIONS at is REQUIRED.

This is geared to referees that will be refereeing in 11U/12U (and older). You must have a Regional Referee Badge, suggested 1 to 2 seasons of referee experience to be certified as an Intermediate Referee. Please complete the online prerequisites mentioned below before arriving on the day of the class (if not done already).

  • You must be registered as an AYSO Youth or Adult Volunteer (e.g., a Referee) in (or your local AYSO region)
  • At, complete online AYSO's Safe Haven course in the past three years
  • At, complete onine CDC: Concussion Course course

There is MUCH MORE information about this class on Log in to aysoU and choose In-Person courses > Referee Instructor Led Courses > Intermediate Referee Courses. Email Jason Rollo at [email protected] with any questions.

Excuses Not To Referee

I'm thinking of refereeing but...

I have no time

Referees get to pick their own games. Choose as few or as many as you'd like. Plus, refereeing is a much smaller commitment than coaching and you still make just as big an impact on the kids.

I'm not comfortable refereeing on the field

Most referees start out as Assistant Referees (ARs). The ARs are the sideline referees who raise flags when the ball goes in and out. If you're not comfortable being the center referee (the main referee in charge of the game), the AR is a great way to ease into the refereeing world.

I have little to no experience with soccer

Great. Your mind is an empty cup. We teach you the laws of soccer, and train you for free.

Why does AYSO need volunteer referees?

AYSO is 100 percent volunteer organization; we all do it for the kids. Each season we need as many referees as coaches if not more; refereeing is easier and less of a time commitment. AYSO is about playing Fun, Fair and Safe. Our referee training is what makes it possible. If there is no official to referee a game the kids don't get to play.

I don't have a uniform.

Region 114 supplies, for free, a complete referee "kit" (shirt, shorts, awesome over-the-calf socks!) to all referees who complete their in-class training and online safety courses. Plus, we throw in all the accessories you need: a referee booklet, flags, and Laws of the game book.

I don't have a whistle.

That's a pretty weak excuse. But yeah, we give you one of those too.

I never played soccer. I'm not familiar with its laws.

We train you. We give you the Laws book. You can also request a mentor to stand on the sideline and answer your questions, one on one, while you referee.

Fine. I am out of excuses. I will referee!

It really is the best view on the field. And most importantly: IT'S FUN AND REWARDING TO WORK WITH KIDS!

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