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Light Lottery Zoom Info

2023 Light Lottery Field Maps

Field 12 For U7/U8 (and older ages after Nov 11th)

Field 7 for U9 through U12

Field 6 for U12 through U14

Coaches with multiple teams will be given special permission to hold their sessions on fields not normally reserved for their age group.

2023 Region 114 Light Lottery Zoom Info

Date: Oct 29, 2023

U7 & U8: 5pm - 5:30pm

U9 and U10: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

U12 and U14: 6:30pm - 7:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting here. Only send one representative from each team.

Meeting ID: 898 5205 3901
Passcode: 114

Selection process

A random order is generated. Two rounds. Snake draft. Each team picks one slot each round. When it is time for your second pick, you can choose the same time (if the slot next to you is open) to create a bigger field space. Or, you can choose the slot after your timeslot to create a longer practice session. Or, you can choose a different day for the second practice. Up to you.

Light Lottery

Region 114 Light Lottery

What is the Light Lottery?

As we get later in the Fall season, especially when we set the clocks back to end Daylight Savings Time, available daylight for evening soccer practices also ends. Beginning the Monday after Daylight Savings ends, Region 114 sets aside space on the lighted fields -- the lottery is held to give participating teams the opportunity to select their designated practice time and field location. The field location and time selected may only be used by that team, and no others. Only teams that have complied with the Region's requirements (see below) are eligible to participate in the Light Lottery.

When is the Light Lottery Drawing

For 2023, the Light Lottery Drawing is Sunday, October 29th. Zoom info above. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME.

  • 5:00pm - 5:30pm: U7 & U8 teams
  • 5:30pm - 6:30pm: U10 teams
  • 6:30pm - 7pm: U12-U14

Note: the lottery takes place after the U16 and U19 season ends, so we do not anticipate those upper teams needing/wanting to participate.

When does the Light Lottery Schedule go into effect?

In 2022, the Light Lottery Schedule begins the Monday after Daylight Savings ends (Nov 6th).

Which fields are covered by the light lottery?

The Fields are designated by division:

  • Field 12: U7/U8 Teams only
  • Field 7: U10 Teams only
  • Field 6: U12-U14 Teams only

How are the fields divided?

Each of the above fields is divided into quarters or eighths, depending on the day. A team may only participate in their designated section of the field at their designated day and time. No other team may use that spot. Conversely, all teams must quickly vacate their spot upon their time ending so the next team may begin.

To see a detailed description of the division for each field, please review the Light Lottery Documents linked above.

Who may participate in the light lottery?

Only teams that have submitted player evaluations may participate in the Light Lottery. In addition, only teams that attend the in-person Lottery drawing may participate. Coaches are not required to attend -- any representative from a team -- who the coach has empowered to make date/time/location choices -- may attend.

How does the Light Lottery selection process work?

Teams are randomly assigned a selection order. In order of lots drawn, a team representative picks from the available Day, Time, Field Position slots available. A second round is held in reverse order for second spots / other days of the week, depending on age division.

Must I participate in the light lottery?

No. Attendance to the Light Lottery selection process is optional. Because the season only has a couple weeks left once the Light Lottery goes into effect, some teams choose not to participate. If you do not attend the Light Lottery, you may still practice in the areas near the lighted fields, but you may NOT practice on a section of a field that is assigned to another team. There are swaths of grass with plenty of light spillover around the fringes of the fields. Please share responsibly.

What about U5/U6 teams?

U5/U6 Teams do not participate in the light lottery. They may find small areas of grass that are lighted near the fields. Some U5/U6 teams forego practice at this point, with only one game remaining in their season.

I did not attend. Can I still get a spot?

Once the lottery is complete, any remaining spots may be claimed by other teams (who have turned in their ratings). Send an email to the AYSO Regional Coach Administrator with the time and field code of the available slot. The Administrator will reply if/when it is assigned. (It may not get assigned right away. We are volunteer parents like you.)

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